The definition of work for an hourly employee is rapidly changing. With US unemployment reaching a 44 year low and the constant draw of on-demand jobs, attracting candidates and retaining employees is harder than ever. At BlueCrew, we vet, screen, and ultimately hire hundreds of employees every week. Through this hiring and interviewing, we have experienced the candidate drop-off firsthand. Here are a couple stats we have uncovered in the current hiring environment:

  • You'll spend at least $40-$50 per sign up for your event
  • Expect 50% of your candidates to never show up
  • An additional 10-20% of candidates you try to hire after your event will go completely dark

These stats may seem grim, but this is the world that we live in 7 days a week. To combat these challenges, we are constantly working on new ways to improve our hiring numbers and ensure we are getting the best employees in the door. The issues with standard interviews below tend to be deterrents to hiring event attendance:

  • The stress of figuring how to take time off work or away from your family to interview - the best candidates are typically employed elsewhere
  • Anxiety associated with a one on one interview including competition with other interviewees
  • ‍Figuring out how to get to an interview location when you don't have public transportation

Here are some things we've found that help make hiring events the most successful:

  • Have the event in close proximity to public transportation
  • Move quickly - Once you find a candidate you like, get them hired immediately. Great employees don't stay unemployed for long.
  • Make your event fun.  We've seen people turn around at the door if they see a stack of paperwork or a personality assessment.
  • Bring Friends! - Who doesn't want to work alongside friends? Bringing friends can reduce the anxiety of interviewing and increase the turnout.

Enter: The BlueBuggy

Blue Buggy: Interviews on the go

Yep. Nothing says fun like a 21' baby blue airstream decked out with iPads and designed to hire employees in a matter of hours.  We'll pull this bad boy right up to your warehouse, office, or any space you want to launch a hiring event or employee appreciation day.  We'll also advertise the location of your event through our platform to ensure maximum attendance.

Hiring, interviewing, and training hourly workforces has been conducted the same way for decades. As the future of work develops, we want to iterate on the Interview experience to build community and excitement around a stressful job search!

Want to Book the Buggy?

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Book the buggy for employee appreciation day, a job fair, a company event etc. Let the buggy inspire you!