The BlueCrew “Points and Promo” structure is the answer to sustainable career advancement, giving employees the opportunity to grow in responsibility, wage, and title within BlueCrew. The Points and Promo structure allows for unbiased career growth for dedicated workers while incentivizing the consistency of your BlueCrew workforce. Every shift worked contributes points to an employee’s profile and bolsters their resumé. Excellent performance boosts a worker’s points, which can be redeemed in the form of career advancement. Cancellations and low ratings work against employee points. Different BlueCrew titles come with extra perks, including early access to popular jobs, raffles, raises, advanced trainings, and chances to launch new clients, to recruit, and to lead BlueCrew teams.

One of the main shortcomings of utilizing a contingent workforce is the lack of consistency. Turnover is almost inevitable when you need to account for seasonality or if you do not have 40 hours a week to fill for a certain position. BlueCrew aims to provide every reason for employees to continue working with us so you can always look forward seeing familiar friendly faces on posted jobs. We recognize that training new people every new job post is a pain, so we are also constantly developing our algorithm in addition to the points to make sure those who have worked with you before with high ratings are the first to receive your jobs.

Traditionally, one of the main restricting factors to employee retention is career growth. Staffing agencies and on-demand companies struggle with high turnover because employees are treated as commoditized labor with little upward career mobility. Employees feel that the only way they can advance their pay, position or skill set is to move to another company.

A workers BlueCrew title and points on their profile page instantly give you a pulse on a workers performance on the platform. Seeing a worker with high points is a great sign of reliability. Seeing a workers profile with a title of Team Lead or Hall of Famer also means that the worker has excellent leadership qualities and will be able to answer any questions from other workers to take the load of your back. If you would like to inquire about hiring a team lead at your site please contact

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Here is what BlueCrew workers are saying about their careers:

“I just wanted to say that I love BlueCrew. It has been a wonderful experience working for them, the staff are marvelous … I love the fact that you work and its flexible and work with you, not against you … I love earning points towards bettering myself and my career. You guys and gals are amazing!” — Lakendra W, Elite Member
“I started out mopping the floors, lifting heavy trays of bread for hours with one goal: to get favorited at every site I worked at. Now with over 10 companies favoriting me, I worked my way up to field coordinator and lead a team of 40+ BlueCrew workers. I even help grow BlueCrew by interviewing the incoming BlueCrew new recruits! — JeanMarie Ngalula, Field Coordinator

BlueCrew has always placed high importance on the fair treatment of employees in hopes to become the best and biggest employer in the world. The team mentality of BlueCrew helps companies trust and rely on the amazing workforce whenever they need to post jobs. By hiring everyone as W-2 employees, BlueCrew’s workers benefit from all the perks, protections, and labor laws of traditional employment as opposed to hiring 1099 independent contractors like many other startups. These benefits include workers compensation, overtime pay, a favorable tax situation and sick days. Employees even qualify for health benefits if they work full-time on the platform.