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Working with Bluecrew: What To Expect On Your First Day

February 25, 2021
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Michael Vaynerman
Crew Members

Starting a new job is nerve-wracking for everybody. There are so many things that can go wrong - what if I oversleep? What if I don’t like my boss? What if I’m bad at my job? But there are also a lot of things that can go right. Getting started on the right foot can be a big help, as you build trust with your new team and make a great first impression.

So what’s different about a first day with Bluecrew? Not that much. You’re starting a new job like any other. Though as one of our W-2 Crew Members, you have access to some resources and tools that don’t exist for every other job.

Read on for a quick rundown of what to expect for your first day on the job.

Setting Up For Success

There are always things you need to know to show up ready to go on the first day. Go back to the app, to the job you accepted, and look back through the full job description. You should see a couple of key things:

  • Dress code requirements. If there is a dress code - maybe closed-toed shoes are required or long pants are a must - it’s important to show up prepared. Employers put in requirements like this to help you stay safe at work, so double check the dress code before your first day to ensure you have everything you need.
  • Shift times. We know, shift times are one of the first things you look at when you decide to accept the job. But it’s always worth double checking before you set your alarm for your first day. 
  • Arrival instructions. Employers on the Bluecrew app put in brief instructions to help you know where to go and what to look for on your first day. Some locations will be really straightforward and easy to find, so the instructions might not say much. In others, you might find instructions about where the free parking is, what door to use, or who to ask for. 

On Your First Day

So you prepared the night before, got to the job on-time, and were prepared. What should you expect from your first day?

At a lot of companies, you might spend your first day filling out paperwork or watching a safety video. With Bluecrew, this work is already done! You became a full W-2 employee of Bluecrew when you became eligible in the app (and got an overview of our safety procedures) so you should be ready to go when you’re on the job site.

Like at any other hourly job, you’ll start by clocking in. Most of the time, you’ll do this straight from the app. Timestamps are geolocated, so your app will know that you’re on the job site when you clock in. At some companies, there may also be a Bluecrew terminal where you clock in instead of the app, though the process stays the same. 

What’s next? That will depend on the job! At larger worksites, you might be part of a large group of new workers who all get a tour and learn some of the ins and outs of the job. At smaller worksites, you might be the only new person, and you may get trained by a coworker on the same position. Some companies even do a larger on-site training before a full day of work, which you’ll usually see talked about in the job description before you accept the position.

Making a Great Impression

Your first day is your first chance to impress your new team. It’s important to take the bull by the horns and put your best foot forward. Arrive on time, pay attention and ask questions during training, put in your full effort during the day, and treat your coworkers and supervisor with respect. Maintaining a positive attitude and putting in your best effort are important for showing your team how much value you can add (we wrote a full blog about making a great impression on your first day, which you can check out here).

Building this trust with your new team is crucial. You’re creating new relationships with your supervisor and your coworkers, showing them that you can be relied upon. Especially if you’re looking to turn a temporary job into a permanent position (some jobs on Bluecrew will say temp-to-hire in the job description to show that there are long-term possibilities!) you can get a good leg up by kicking off your time with a great first day.

After The First Day

If you love the job? That’s great! Leave your employer a great review, and keep putting your best foot forward. You may choose to stay with that company long-term by earning temp-to-hire or continuously picking up Bluecrew shifts there. Or you may earn great reviews from them and try other things on the app. One of the perks of using an app like Bluecrew is that you have options, and you can pick the jobs that appeal most to you.

If you don’t love the job? It happens. Not every job will be the right fit. When your commitment to that position is over, you’re free to find another job on Bluecrew and try something new. Part of the reason people love temp work is that ability to “try before you buy” and easily jump around to different jobs in different industries. It’s all about finding what works best for you.

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