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The Elastic
Hourly Workforce

Bluecrew’s Elastic Hourly Workforce helps businesses address the challenges of variable demand by combining an agile high-quality workforce, powerful management technology, and actionable data.

Qualified, pre-screened Bluecrew workers are ready for a variety of jobs

Solving today’s workforce challenges with tomorrow’s technology.

The Elastic Hourly Workforce is a workforce-as-a-service that flexes to meet your workplace’s short-term and long-term needs, making it easier for your business to stay at peak performance without the traditional costs of recruiting and hiring. With Bluecrew’s pool of qualified W-2 Crew Members, workplaces are able to quickly scale their teams up and down to meet changes in demand and eliminate costly vacancies.

Bluecrew handles everything.

  • Recruiting
  • Background Checks
  • E-Verify
  • Onboarding
  • Scheduling
  • Time Tracking
  • Compliance
  • Payroll + Benefits Administration
See how our platform works
The Bluecrew app shows temp workers all the details they need, from shift times to job requirements.

We help leading organizations make temp
worker challenges a thing of the past.

We have tens of thousands of pre-qualified workers ready to go.


Get matched to the
right worker.

When you post a shift, our algorithm instantly matches it with local, W-2 hourly workers who are qualified, pre-screened, and ready to work. Bluecrew automatically creates a team of best-fit workers using our proprietary matching technology.

W-2 warehouse staff using a tablet to fill orders efficiently

Manual selection vs Bluecrew’s hourly workforce technology

Workers who are matched with employers using our algorithm perform substantially better than manually selected temp workers. Want to learn more about how our technology makes better hiring decisions by predicting worker quality and reducing biases?

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Reduction in time to fill jobs
Reduction in bad-fits
Increase in employer satisfaction with workers

Flexibility to meet variable demand: solved.

Capture revenue growth by tapping into our pool of local Crew Members to rapidly scale teams up and down for the flexibility needed to address changes in demand and absenteeism.

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Cashier / hospitality temp worker with a positive attitude taking orders from customers

Bluecrew helps you to build a workforce smarter and faster.

See how to hire better with Bluecrew

Quality Workers

We know the importance of worker quality, which is why all our Crew Members are W-2 employees kept engaged and ready to work.

Quality is paramount.


Bluecrew’s Elastic Hourly Workforce expands and contracts in response to variable demand faced by your business.

95% of jobs are filled within hours on our W-2 staffing platform.

Your True Partner

Drive better business outcomes through predictive ideas and intelligent analytics with Bluecrew as a holistic workforce partner.

Powerful Control

Make your daily operations more efficient and responsive with Bluecrew’s comprehensive workforce management tools.

The new mobile app from Bluecrew is completely changing how I approach staffing. I have the power to make adjustments and check who will be there right on my phone - wherever I am in the building! If other employers aren't using Bluecrew, they absolutely should.

Cafe Manager

When the technology is as good as Bluecrew’s is, there’s no excuse not to use it.

Dining Manager
University of Chicago

Bluecrew has been more successful than any other agency with filling positions. When we stumble, Bluecrew is there to pick us up.

Operations Manager
Skilled temporary workers installing equipment as part of an hourly job

Save on Labor Costs with Worker Hosting

Bluecrew’s Worker Hosting solution helps workplaces reduce labor costs by up to 20% and improve their workforce flexibility with outsourced employee administration and modern workforce management technology. Workers you provide are quickly onboarded as W-2 employees of Bluecrew and placed on your schedules and long-term assignments exclusively.  Bluecrew handles worker’s comp, FICA, benefits administration, payroll, and more.

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The Bluecrew app gives gig workers the ability to search for jobs and pick shifts they want to work

Gain insight.

Check out our blog to find out what our Bluecrew staffing experts are thinking about.

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Want the simplest, fastest way to hire your hourly workforce?

Bluecrew puts the power of a pre-screened, W-2 workforce at your fingertips.

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We’ll match you with jobs that have top pay and great benefits. You pick work that fits your schedule.

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Bluecrew's platform and mobile app let clients to post jobs and see rosters of temp workers at any time