We’re a technology platform that makes W-2 staffing work like never before.

Temporary W-2 employees work together at a gig economy job
  • Founded in 2015
  • Headquartered in Chicago
  • +100 corporate employees
  • +20 states present
  • 26 markets served

We believe the traditional approach to hourly staffing is broken. 
It’s outdated, opaque, and inefficient—for employers and workers.

Bluecrew is on a mission to fix that. We want to make hourly staffing simple, transparent, and accessible. Employers should have instant access to qualified, pre-screened W-2 workers, and technology solutions that make staff management a breeze. Workers should be able to choose where and when they want to work, and get the employment protections they deserve.

In the world we’re building, employers can staff up or down 
with high quality workers whenever business demands. And workers are treated equitably, with the choice, benefits, and protections that bring out their best.

Proudly part of the Employbridge family.

Bluecrew leverages the strength and expertise of Employbridge – the nation’s largest light industrial staffing company – to drive continuous value for our Crew Members and customers. Our partnership means you can count on Bluecrew for growing job opportunities, support, and innovation to meet your staffing needs for the long-term.

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