A flexible workforce at your fingertips.

The Elastic Hourly Workforce is a workforce that is able to flex to meet your workplace’s short-term and long-term needs, making it easier for your business to stay at peak performance without the traditional costs of recruiting and hiring.

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Bluecrew is the W-2 workforce-as-a-service for industries that count on a scalable hourly workforce.


We help leading organizations make staffing challenges a thing of the past.

The worker quality and reliability you need.

Bluecrew’s W-2 Crew Members are thoroughly vetted during the onboarding process and matched with jobs using a machine learning algorithm that helps us ensure the best fit worker fills the role. Crew Members are continually engaged with a focus on retention, keeping high-quality workers on the Bluecrew platform to fill jobs.

Warehouse gig workers in a fulfillment center working as temporary staff

Increase the efficiency of managing your workforce.

Make managing your daily operations more efficient and responsive with Bluecrew’s comprehensive workforce management tools. Our intuitive platform gives you 24/7 access to the job creation and scheduling tools you need, including transparency into rosters, shift fill rates, worker reviews, and more. Plus, eliminate error-prone, manual timesheets and punch cards with app-based time tracking that can be viewed and managed in real-time.

Qualified warehouse and fulfillment staff using technology as a W-2 temp worker

Want a great W-2 workforce? Here’s how with Bluecrew:

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Our local team will set up your account and provide workforce trends and best practices to ensure you’re set up for success.

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Post shifts in minutes.

Create your shifts using our scheduling tools and scale your workforce up and down as demand changes.

Let our technology do its thing.

We match the best candidates—based on location, experience, and skills—with your jobs. See your matches and watch your job fill in real time.

Use powerful workforce management tools.

View bios, reviews, and rosters before workers arrive on the job, and access your roster and timesheets on the go—all via our intuitive employer app.

We take care of the rest.

We handle all administrative tasks and surface actionable workforce analytics. And if problems pop up, our local teams are ready to help!

We serve regions across the country, and we're growing fast.

Dallas–Fort Worth
Kansas City
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
Minneapolis-St. Paul
Riverside–San Bernardino
Salt Lake City
San Antonio
San Diego
San Francisco
San Jose
St. Louis
Washington DC–Baltimore

Bluecrew serves regions across the United States with qualified staffing technology and payroll services

A fair, flexible pricing model.

Regressive Pricing gives workplaces a cost-effective way to retain their preferred Crew Members instead of converting them to their employees and then burdening them with a less flexible workforce. At the typical point of conversion, the markup drops to our lowest possible rate and Crew Members remain on the job - cheaper than taking on their employment directly!

No implementation fee to access the platform
Pay-as-you-go pricing
Complete cost transparency—nothing hidden or obscured
The control to scale your workforce as you grow - with regressive pricing for long-term flexibility

Save on Labor Costs with Worker Hosting

Bluecrew’s Worker Hosting solution helps workplaces reduce labor costs by up to 20% and improve their workforce flexibility with outsourced employee administration and modern workforce management technology. Workers you provide are quickly onboarded as W-2 employees of Bluecrew and placed on your schedules and long-term assignments exclusively. Bluecrew handles worker’s comp, FICA, benefits administration, payroll, and more.

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The Bluecrew app gives gig workers the ability to search for jobs and pick shifts they want to work
Qualified warehouse and fulfillment staff using technology as a W-2 temp worker

Tap into our Local Agency Network

Bluecrew’s Local Agency Network saves workplaces time and money by streamlining and standardizing the worker onboarding and management process across all staffing providers they work with. By funneling all new hourly workers through Bluecrew in a scalable onboarding process, workplaces eliminate dealing with inconsistent processes.

Plus, Bluecrew provides workforce management tools for all hourly workers, as well as handling all employee administration tasks and paying staffing suppliers directly. This helps workplaces ensure they’ve got the most efficient network of staffing providers working together to get their open jobs filled faster.

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Bluecrew makes W-2 workforce creation and management simple.

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Bluecrew's platform and mobile app let clients to post jobs and see rosters of temp workers at any time