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[Infographic] Turnover Terror: 5 Things to Expect When Workers Quit

March 19, 2020
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Celestine Grev

Turnover is inevitable, especially when your company employs large numbers of hourly workers. In fact, some sources estimate hourly worker turnover as high as 50%.

One of the most important (and easily overlooked) results of turnover is the ripple effect. When a single person leaves your workplace, they’re doing far more than just leaving their position empty. In the U.S., it takes an average of 24 days to fill an open job. Even when your time-to-hire is significantly less than that, the vacancy can affect other workers and your bottom line.

Check out the infographic below for the top 5 things to expect when workers quit.

And if you’re recruiting on your own or through a traditional staffing agency, there’s a sixth thing to expect:

6. Expensive Recruiting

Do you know what it really costs to replace a worker? We do. And the price can be staggering. That’s why we created cost-effective staffing technology that allows employers like you to scale their workforce up or down with no flat fees or minimums. You can check out the numbers (and how we did the math) by clicking here to download the True Cost of Recruitment.

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