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5 Trends for the Post-COVID Hourly Workforce

March 16, 2021
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Celestine Grev

We’ve been living “the new normal” for more than a year now, and have seen massive shifts in how people work, what workers need, and what businesses are most focused on.

As vaccinations roll out and infection rates drop, we’re looking forward to a post-COVID world. Something that feels more like 2019 than 2020. But there are elements of the changes we’ve seen in the past year that will stick with us - especially in the workplace.

For those who rely on an hourly workforce, there may be more than a few COVID-related shifts that will last long beyond the pandemic. Why? Because many of these shifts started before COVID-19 came onto our radars. The new realities of the pandemic - like social distancing, increased ecommerce volumes, and supply chain problems - simply accelerated trends that were already underway.

For a complete look at the top 5 trends that are positioned to impact the hourly workforce post-COVID, download our full guide here. Otherwise, keep reading for a brief preview.

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Trend #1: New Buyer Habits Are Changing Hiring Needs

Buyers were increasingly invested in e-commerce and delivery before the pandemic, but the new need for social distancing and sheltering in place shifted those buying habits from convenient to essential. This, in turn, sped up the pivot from e-commerce by five years, and the shift to delivery for restaurants by two to three years

Companies have thus refocused their hiring and investments into warehousing, supply chain, and delivery in order to accommodate these new buyer habits. Warehousing was one of the only industries to see increased employment when compared to pre-pandemic levels, and e-commerce jobs are projected to be among the top jobs on the rise in 2021.

Delivery and fulfillment have never been more critical than they are now, and workplaces looking to drive continued success should be prepared for buyers to continue looking for delivery options for the goods they previously bought in-store. Scaling warehouse operations and supply chain teams will be vital for companies in 2021 and beyond, as pandemic buying habits stay in the post-COVID world.

Continue reading about this trend by downloading the complete guide.

Trend #2: Upskilling and Reskilling for Digitization

Increased automation and digitization is another pre-pandemic trend accelerated by 2020’s changing needs. In fact, COVID-19 made the pressure for companies to harness digital transformation much more urgent. Eighty-five percent of CEOs in one survey said COVID-19 significantly accelerated digital transformation.

What impact does this have on your hourly workforce? It makes digital skills far more important. Suddenly, warehouse workers need to be tech literate to operate new picking software, and forklift operators need to be able to navigate new systems to identify what pallets need to be moved when. To capitalize on the benefits of new technology and automation, employers will need to invest in training and upskilling their workforces - and hourly workers in particular.

Companies will need to strategically develop their workforce and hiring practices to ensure they are prepared for the future and have access to the quality and tech-savvy talent they need. Whether they use a consultative partner like Bluecrew to support their workforce needs or recruit and hire on their own, the need for a digitally literate workforce and opportunities for training will only grow as warehouses and supply chains become more digital.

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This is just a sneak peak at two of the five trends we’ve featured in our latest guide. Check it out here.

And if you need help preparing your workforce for the post-COVID world, remember that Bluecrew is here for you. 

Find out more about our Elastic Hourly Workforce by getting in touch with a local workforce expert.

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