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Bluecrew Customer Success Story: Tapping into a Qualified, Scalable Talent Pool

May 27, 2020
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Michael Vaynerman

Part of what makes it fun to part of the Bluecrew team is how many different types of companies we get to work with. Regardless of what positions the company is looking to fill, we’re always looking to fill their jobs with the best possible Crew Members. This particular customer is unique because they aren’t just one business. Instead, they have a broad array of brands all with their own unique staffing needs. 

The simple scale at which we’re able to partner with them makes them a great example of what Bluecrew’s powerful staffing technology (and hardworking local teams!) can do. 

Who our customer is

This business is a market-leading, multi-brand global culinary and hospitality company operating a variety of different businesses, including food service, events, and warehouses. Their large family of companies use Bluecrew Crew Members to staff stadiums, corporate cafes, museums, and more. 

What they need

With a wide range of venues under their umbrella, this customer has varying needs. 

Some days, they need a few steady workers to fill long-term, 9-to-5 positions in company food halls. Other days, they need hundreds of cashiers for arena sporting events. They require a staffing partner that can handle this type of volume while giving them access to qualified talent for positions that require specific experience, like culinary skills. 

With 9 different brands under their umbrella, it’s important that we can help them in all of their locations. This has presented unique challenges in terms of the volume of workers and variety of skills they need access to. 

While many traditional staffing firms may struggle to fill these positions - either because they cannot source hundreds of qualified workers at a time or because their talent pools are too limited to fill niche, skilled jobs. In contrast, Bluecrew’s platform allows us to fulfill this customer’s specific needs with a few key goals in mind:

1. Access to a wide variety of skilled and unskilled labor. This global hospitality company needs to be able to tap into a single staffing agency to fill both mass numbers of general jobs and specific skilled roles. And have faith in the quality of all of those workers. 

2. Volume hiring for hundreds of workers at a time. When you’re working an entire stadium on game day, you need huge numbers of reliable workers. There is no “he’ll show up tomorrow” or “she’s running an hour late” for a three-hour sporting event. 

3. Rapid fill rates. With so many different companies with different needs, this customer needs to be able to rely on Bluecrew for quick, efficient staffing that delivers the right worker, every time. 

How Bluecrew has delivered results

Bluecrew began working with this customer in 2016 at an MLB stadium, managing various aspects of food service on game days. After signing a national contract in 2019, the customer has scaled their use of Bluecrew across the country.

Our team has been able to scale rapidly to keep locations across the country fully staffed and to help them reach their goals. 

Across the country, Bluecrew is currently staffing 89 locations with this customer. This is 89 different locations with different talent needs, all of which our Crew Members are able to fill.

Approximately 500 Bluecrew Crew Members are currently working across those locations, including long-term positions, short-term fills, and staff for local events.

Over the past 6 months, time-to-fill at all locations is less than 16 hours. This means that it takes less than 1 day to fill the vast majority of this customer’s positions using the Bluecrew platform. 

Beyond these stats, Bluecrew has filled 90% of jobs for this customer in less than 6 hours in the first quarter of 2020. Our Crew Members work around the clock for this customer, including overnight shifts, to help this them stay fully staffed at all times. 

“Bluecrew is completely changing how I approach staffing. If other employers aren't using Bluecrew, they absolutely should.- Eduardo, Cafe Manager

We love getting to work with companies like this one that offer so many different positions to the Crew Members we employ. Not only does this open up great opportunities to our workers - who have so much at special events - it also offers good, stable positions at companies that need long-term employees. 

Reach out to our team to find out how we can help solve your company’s specific staffing challenges.

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