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Bluecrew vs. Traditional Temp Agencies

May 24, 2021
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Michael Vaynerman
Crew Members

There are a lot of temp agencies out there, looking to match job seekers with open positions. Temping is nothing new, and many of these agencies have been working the same way, year after year, calling up their Rolodex of candidates every time a company needs positions filled. 

Traditional temp staffing hasn’t changed much in the past 25 years. Despite the new tech that has changed the way we live - the internet, smartphones - temp agencies have remained in the 1990s. At Bluecrew, we set out to change that. 

Using technology, we’ve taken the traditional temp agency and turned it on its head. Keep reading for a closer look at how we’re changing the way temp jobs work.

The similarities

We would be silly not to start with the similarities between Bluecrew and traditional temp work. The similarities are actually pretty clear: we’re offering ways to find short-term and long-term jobs. 

Just as you would send your resume to a temp agency in hopes that they’ll help you find work with the companies they partner with, you can build a Bluecrew profile to access jobs with the companies who use our platform. With both Bluecrew and a traditional temp agency, you get access to a variety of different employment opportunities after just one application. 

In addition, just like a traditional temp agency, your benefits and paycheck come through Bluecrew. When you use Bluecrew to find work, you’re a W-2 employee of our company, so even though you’re working onsite with one of our clients, you’re technically a Bluecrew employee. 

So the basic format is the same. But the similarities between Bluecrew and a traditional temp agency stop there - mostly because of the way we use technology to give job seekers like you control over the process.

How Bluecrew’s technology puts you in control

The biggest complaint we hear about traditional temp agencies is the lack of control and transparency workers have. A lot of times, when you apply for a job or connect with a temp agency, you have no idea what happens next. It feels a lot like throwing your resume into a void and just hoping something happens. 

That feeling is what we want to prevent. And that’s why we put you in control. 

Access all the jobs you may want to accept

With traditional temp staffing, workers are kept in the dark. You don’t know all of the different companies a temp agency works with, what the wages are going to be, or sometimes even exactly what the position will include until you’ve already accepted it. 

Bluecrew’s app puts all of that information at your fingertips. You are matched with jobs based on your experience, location, certifications, skills, interests, and more. Within the app, you’re able to see job descriptions, wages, locations, and more for every job you may want to accept, as they’re posted. This updates in real-time as employers post new jobs, and you can review everything you need to know before accepting the position. 

Sit in the driver’s seat for your career

When you’re working with a traditional temp agency, all you can do is wait for them to call. You never know how long it will be until you hear back or if there are jobs available and they just aren’t calling you. With Bluecrew, you never have to wonder. 

Instead of waiting for someone to call you, you can look in the app at what’s available. You can pick the jobs that interest you most. And - importantly - you’re never published for saying “no” to a job. We’ve heard all of the horror stories of traditional staffing, where after you turn down a shift, you never get called again. With Bluecrew that’s never an issue. We understand that not every job is going to excite you. That it can be difficult to make it to certain locations or that certain shifts might not work for your schedule. It’s our priority that you’re able to select the jobs that fit your life, and that’s why you’re never penalized for turning down a shift that doesn’t work for you.

Get instant updates and support

The keyword here is instant. The wait time with traditional temp agencies can be days. 

Maybe you applied for a job and you’re waiting to hear back. Maybe you expressed interest in an email or left a voicemail, and you want to know if you got the gig. Maybe your car broke down on the way to a job and you’re going to be a few minutes late, or you want to change your direct deposit information. When you want to do any of these things with a temp agency, they take time. With Bluecrew, everything you need is in the app. 

The vast majority of Bluecrew jobs are instant accept - once you accept the job you’re on it. No application or interview required. You’re also able to contact your Bluecrew recruiter or on-site manager directly through the app, if something comes up day-of. And our support team is always available to chat if you need extra help.

The most important part

We know that when you’re job searching, you have one main goal: to find a job. A job you like, where you can learn and grow, and where you’re treated like something more than just a number.

At Bluecrew, we think that giving you the control - using technology to put your career in your own hands - makes it easier to find a job you love. And that the next piece, protecting you as a W-2 employee, is also critical. 

If you’re ready to take the next step, we’re hoping you’ll work with us.

Get started by downloading the Bluecrew app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today.

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