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Bluecrew's Q3 Product Newsletter

November 1, 2022
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Ashley Hovorka

Fall in love with Bluecrew’s Q3 Product Newsletter to learn about our latest product features, policy updates, and exciting news!

Edit Position

Need to make a last-minute edit to a position? Workplaces now have full access to edit a position’s Job Description, Arrival Instructions, Dress Code, Position Title, Address, and Geofence Radii.  

edit position p3-1

Workplace Certifications

Does your Workplace have higher-skilled jobs that require certifications, such as Forklift Operators, Bartenders, or Cooks? The updated Required Certification feature for Positions will ensure that these types of job posts can only be accepted by Crew Members who have indicated they have a certification.

certification gif

Invoicing Portal

The Customer Invoice Portal has been made more accessible to Workplaces with a direct link in the Company Settings. In case you missed the email containing your last invoice, you can easily access and pay your invoices from the "Pay & manage invoices" link.

invoice portal

Coming Soon: On The Roadmap

On The Roadmap highlights exciting new Product features that are slated to launch in the coming weeks. Take a sneak peek at what's on the horizon!

November: Edit Schedule

We’re launching new ways to manage your workforce and schedules from the Roster page! “Edit Schedule” will make it easy to update a Crew Member's assignment from the Roster page. It will be easier and faster to modify schedules, add shifts on-the-fly, and keep your Roster in sync with the evolving needs of your business.

November: Single-Shift Management Enhancements

Bluecrew is excited to announce: Bulk Single Shift Posting! You will be able to post all single shift dates for a Position quickly and easily by multi-selecting dates on the calendar. Each shift will have the same number of Crew Members, start/end time, supervisor, notifications, and extra pay. In addition, all your shifts will show up under the same grouping header on the Dashboard, making it easy to identify the fill rate for each request.

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