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#ClockedIn with Michael: How He Built a Career With Bluecrew

February 17, 2020
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Celestine Grev
Crew Members

For more than 3 years, Michael L. has been impressing Bluecrew customers in the San Francisco area, “wow”-ing them with his hard work, ability to learn quickly, and top-notch attention to detail. He has made himself stand out, has become a Manager/Team Lead who helps train others, and has earned non-stop “Favorites” from the employers he has worked for. Long story short, we are beyond proud to have Michael on our team. 

Here’s what he has to say about his time with Bluecrew. 

Tell us a bit about yourself and your Bluecrew experience.

I started working with Bluecrew on October 3, 2016. I love the variety of work, having the opportunity to work with different companies and on different jobs - improving my experience and my resume!

My original goal was to become a Manager/Team Lead with Bluecrew. I worked hard, and I accepted a lot of different types of jobs with many different companies. Within about 4 months, I succeeded!

Editor’s note: Michael is too humble to brag about this, but we’re not: he has hustled not just for those first 4 months but for the past 3 years. After impressing companies non-stop, he has been hired on as a full-time, permanent employee by one of our clients. And he still picks up occasional shifts on the side. He has shown what he’s made of, and we’re honored to work with him!

What have you enjoyed most working with Bluecrew?

I love that I can work when I want to. If I want some time off, then I just don’t accept any job assignments. It’s nice to be in charge of my own schedule. 

As far as jobs go, my favorite assignment was working with a catering company on events at the California ranch of a famous Hollywood filmmaker. No spoilers, but it was very cool! The property was huge, and I’ve gotten to work there about a dozen times.

What advice would you give to new Crew Members?

Work hard, and impress your clients! I have earned tons of direct job offers from my clients. There are VIP job requests - “Direct Invites” - that go straight from employers you’ve worked with to you. Some clients who I built great relationships with will even text me first to check on my availability before sending the job post. It’s a special feeling.

It can also really pay off to go above and beyond! With catering companies, I often show up in a Black French Bistro uniform (all-black outfit) whether they require it or not. This has put me in the position to serve VIP guests at parties and helped me make a great impression. 

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