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How Top Companies and Hardworking Crew Make Seattle Special

June 18, 2020
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Michael Vaynerman

In 2018, our team started staffing in Seattle. While we began small, with a few food service and catering companies, our fantastic Crew Members have helped us make a real impact across the Seattle area. 

Since then, we’ve been able to grow to many more hospitality clients, helping Food Servers, Catering Attendants, Line Cooks, and Dishwashers. Beyond that, we’ve built relationships with some top companies in warehousing, delivery, and moving. And during COVID-19, Crew Members across the Seattle area have helped out as Delivery Drivers and in warehouse jobs. We feel proud to contribute to companies that bring food and essential supplies to the local community.

While Washington has followed behind other west-coast states in terms of reopening, we are excited for the future as some businesses are beginning to open their doors back up. That’s why we reached out to one member of our Seattle team, Jason, to tell us more about Seattle, our fantastic local Crew Members, and the businesses we have so much fun working with.

Jason, Account Executive

Known for: His secret talent - he can cry like a baby.

What do you love about Seattle?

First and foremost, Seattle's unique location sandwiched between the Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountain range. It’s a beautiful place to be! The recent tech boom and Seattle’s love for coffee (and wine and beer) all help make up the fabric of the city and are all parts of the reasons why people love to work, live and play in Seattle.

It’s also great to be part of the Bluecrew team in this city. Bluecrew has provided a steady stream of jobs for local workers who need them. They can choose the jobs they’re truly excited about and work around their schedules. It makes me proud that we can connect them with good, reputable companies that treat them well. 

What has Seattle been like during shelter-in-place?

During the shelter-in-place, most companies were shut down. Seattle was impacted the hardest and first. We started sheltering in place since early March, and for the most part, folks are staying calm and inside. But there has been a sense of being cooped up. 

Some businesses have started to reopen, and I’m hopeful that we’ll be back to normal in a few months. I for one, really miss people - being around a bustling bar or busy market. I’ll be excited to get back to that.

What are you most looking forward to in the future?

I am looking forward to helping Crew Members get back to work. A lot of people in my community have lost their jobs, and I can’t wait to help them get looped back into consistent work. 

Tell us about one of your favorite Bluecrew moments.

Recently, a Crew Member accepted a position, but he didn’t realize where the job was located. He has been working for Bluecrew for some time, and we really wanted to help him out. When we heard about the issue, our Seattle team members started reaching out to local companies with similar positions to make sure he found a spot. He got a role within a day, and I was reminded of how much I love being part of this team. 

Learn more about Seattle jobs and local staffing on our city page.

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