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NEW! Bluecrew’s Redesigned Job Post Tool

January 13, 2020
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Michael Vaynerman

Bluecrew has just launched a newly redesigned job post tool, intended to make posting and managing jobs faster and easier than ever before.

When you think of Bluecrew, there are a few things we’d like you to think of:

  1. Our intuitive on-demand staffing and workforce management technology.
  2. Our qualified W-2 workers who are ready to fill every job.
  3. Our team of industry experts who are always here to help.
  4. Our mindset of continuous improvement.

We are always working to provide a best-in-class experience for the customers who trust us to keep their teams fully staffed. With that in mind, we are excited to announce Bluecrew’s fully redesigned job post tool!

Our reimagined job posting process lets you publish jobs, edit schedules, and request additional workers more quickly than ever. See how easy hiring can be:

This upgraded technology makes hiring hourly labor straightforward and flexible, guiding you through the posting process and immediately matching your jobs with the best candidates in your area. Plus, the new Roster page shows who is, was, and will be on-site; enables quicker direct-to-worker communication; and makes providing feedback easier. By placing all of this critical information in one centralized place, the Bluecrew platform simplifies hiring and workforce management for any business.

In addition, the new Dashboard lets Bluecrew adapt to the ever-changing nature of your business. Want to give your workers a day off, or have them to stay a bit later on a particular day? Easy! Need to remove a shift or request extra crew? Done! As your needs shift, our Bluecrew platform is built to shift with you.

In just a few clicks, you can take care of all your staffing needs. From start to finish - recruiting to scheduling to time tracking and payroll - we’re here to help.

Want a full tour? Click here to connect with one of our industry experts today.

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