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Referring Friends & Making Money Just Got Easier

January 29, 2020
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Michael Vaynerman
Crew Members

Love working with us? Then it’s time to share - referring friends to Bluecrew just became easier than ever. Now, you can send a personal link to your friends in-app, share shorter and easier referral codes, track and follow-up on your referrals, and get paid quickly through our automated payment process. Here’s what changed...

Referring Your Friends is Easier

You can now easily share your personal link within the Bluecrew app. Simply click on the referrals tab, click ‘Share’, and then click on the messages icon to text your link. 

When you refer your friends to Bluecrew in-app, your personal referral code will automatically be added to their application. It’s so easy, you’re referring friends with just a few clicks.

Referring friends and making money just got easier

Your Referral Code is Shorter

Your personal referral code is now shorter and easier to remember. Just give your code to a friend, and they can enter it when signing up. When they download the app and create their account, there will be an optional field to use the referral code.

So text it to your friends, share it on Instagram, write it on a napkin, or get yourself some business cards and start referring (and making awesome referral bonuses in the process!).

You Can Track and Remind Friends in the App

You can now track the progress of your referrals! As soon as they get paid for their first shift, you get a referral bonus. 

When your friend signs up, they will appear as an ‘Open Referral’ in the referrals section of the app before they work their first shift. Clicking the “Remind” button next to their name lets you send a message to remind them to work their first shift, putting both of you a step closer to getting paid. 

Under the ‘Claimed Referrals’ section of the referrals tab, you can quickly see when your friend has successfully signed up with your referral code or link, worked a shift, and received their first payroll. It will show as claimed, with their worked date and the dollar amount that you will receive.

referring your friends with Bluecrew

Get Your Bonus - Quickly

Not only can you see your friends' status within the app, but the entire process is now automated, making receiving payment simple, fast, and accurate. There are a lot of reasons to refer your friends - maybe they’re searching for a new job, need to pick up some extra shifts on the weekends, or you just like working with them - but extra cash in your pocket can be a nice bonus, too. 

So get out there and tell everyone why you love working for Bluecrew, and make some extra money while you do it! We are excited to meet your friends! 

Please note: In order to receive a referral bonus, you must be an eligible Bluecrew worker.

Ready to start referring and earning?

Sign in on the app or click here to set up your Bluecrew account.

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