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Upcoming Webinar: Retention Trends for the Post-COVID Hourly Workforce

April 14, 2021
min read
Celestine Grev

For some people, it feels like the world has stood still since March of 2020. But for a lot of professionals in warehousing and logistics, we’ve been working at a breakneck speed to keep up with the changes.

At Bluecrew, we hear a lot from both our Crew Members - our W-2 employees who work hourly jobs at our clients’ workplaces - and the companies that use our platform to fill their staffing needs and meet variable demand. Between keeping a finger on the pulse of industry trends, original surveys, the data we collect from workers and employers on our app, and the feedback we hear from our partners, we’ve collected a huge amount of information about what’s been going on for hourly workers and what’s coming next for companies that rely on an efficient, high-quality hourly workforce.

We want to share the knowledge!

Sign up for our upcoming webinar on Retention Trends for the Post-COVID Hourly Workforce to join us for 30 minutes of data, insights, and actionable takeaways to help your business stay competitive and retain the talent you need.

Register today for the webinar

Need a little preview? Here’s what the webinar will cover:

  • How hourly worker retention has changed during the pandemic, including long-term trends and new factors that are impacting worker tenure and turnover. With competitive hiring for warehousing and logistics professionals and many workers reluctant to take in-person jobs, retaining workers has become far more important for companies. 
  • What hourly workers want from their employers and what convinces them to accept a job and stay with a company. With years of worker data, we’ve seen a variety of trends on what motivates workers to accept jobs. But what they want and what they expect from their employer has changed - and employers’ COVID responses have become a critical factor motivating workers to stay with their company or start their job search.
  • Trends we anticipate for the post-COVID workforce. With the rollout of the American Rescue Plan, increased vaccination rates, and many businesses reopening, a lot will change over the course of the next year. It’s important to be aware of what’s horizon and to prepare in order to stay ahead of the curve and the competition.

Sign up for the webinar to learn more.

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