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With Bluecrew, you can choose work in real-time and set your own schedule, all while receiving the benefits and worker protections you need and deserve.

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Bluecrew simplifies working for top Seattle employers.

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Box Truck Experience
Class A Driving
Cold Storage
Commercial Moving
Customer Support
Data Entry
Event Set-Up
Event Staff
Food Production
Food Service
General Labor
Janitorial Work
Office Management
Office Work
Pallet Jack
Pick & Pack
Reach Truck
Residential Moving
Security Guard
Sit Down Forklift
Stand Up Forklift
Warehouse Work

Gig flexibility, with the protections you deserve.

Stats represent 2019 Bluecrew data
Average Crew Member wage
Average amount Crew Members earn above minimum wage
of Crew Members received overtime pay
of Crew Members get sick pay, workers’ comp, and access to health insurance

When it comes to consistency and flexibility there's no better option, plus the platform allows you to try out all sorts of jobs so it’s a win-win.

Bay Area

Bluecrew is the future of work! I can set my schedule through my phone and find jobs near me. Bluecrew is a team so we look out for each other.

Bay Area

Working for Bluecrew has been a wonderful experience. I love the fact that it’s flexible and works with you, not against you. I love earning points towards bettering myself and my career. You guys and gals are amazing!

Bay Area
Gig worker serving as a customer service employee through a W-2 temp agency

One app that puts you in control.

With Bluecrew, you can skip the endless paperwork, calls, and emails of traditional staffing. Just complete one application and a quick questionnaire, and you’ll get jobs sent right to your phone—complete with the wage, location, job description, and company reviews. Then, decide if the job is right for you. And there’s never a penalty for declining jobs.

The Bluecrew app gives gig workers the ability to search for jobs and pick shifts they want to work

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We match you with the best fitting jobs based on your location, experience, skills, and preferences.

Choose from a variety of jobs.

Jobs are sent right to your phone. You can explore different industries and roles, and pick when and where you want to work.

Get paid and protected.

As a W-2 employee of Bluecrew, you get paid weekly. Plus you get great benefits like overtime, sick days, workers' comp, and access to health insurance.

Get rewarded for your work.

Do well and you’ll receive props from the team. The points you earn can be applied to training and certification opportunities.

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At Bluecrew you can grow with us.

Whether you’re just starting out or need to polish your resume, we support Crew Members of all experience levels. Our app helps you automatically build your resume as you work, and our points program can help you earn new certifications.

Worker doing manual labor at his hourly job while building his resume and career

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Bluecrew's platform and mobile app let clients to post jobs and see rosters of temp workers at any time

Seattle's leading workforce technology.

With a data-driven platform and intuitive employer app, employers are able to hire, manage, and communicate with workers more easily than ever before.

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Bluecrew matches you to pre-screened hourly workers in Seattle. Post jobs in minutes and hire within hours for 95% of your openings.

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On top of cutting-edge technology, our local Seattle Customer Success team is here to ensure you get what you need. Our staffing experts do it all.

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  • Interviews
  • Background Checks
  • E-Verify
  • Onboarding
  • Scheduling
  • Time Tracking
  • Payroll + Benefits Administration
Bluecrew's platform and mobile app let clients to post jobs and see rosters of temp workers at any time

You're in control.

Quickly scale up or down as your staffing needs change. Manage your workforce, track hours, and communicate with workers—all through our dashboard.

Bluecrew simplifies staffing for top Seattle employers.

Hundreds of pre-qualified workers ready to go.

We help businesses in a variety of industries stay fully staffed.

Customer Support
Customer Support
Data Entry
Data Entry

Want the simplest, fastest way to scale your hourly workforce?

Bluecrew puts the power to see, hire, and manage pre-screened W-2 workers at your fingertips.

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Looking for a job that has it all?

We’ll match you with jobs that have top pay and great benefits. You pick work that fits your schedule.

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Bluecrew's platform and mobile app let clients to post jobs and see rosters of temp workers at any time