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Bluecrew Customer Success Story: Meeting Demand with Fast, Flexible Staffing

June 22, 2020
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Celestine Grev

We’re thankful to get to work with a lot of different companies across a lot of different industries. With that, each of our customers has different, unique needs and challenges. Our team works hard to fulfill all of our customers’ needs and act as partners to them as they strive to reach their business goals. 

Why did we choose to feature them? A couple of reasons. First, we work together in a number of locations, and our Crew Members compile a massive part of their warehouse teams. Second, our work with them is a great example of what a difference we can make by fulfilling urgent, on-demand staffing needs. And third, it’s a site where a lot of our team really enjoy working. Their fast-paced warehouse environment is full of friendly, helpful people who focus on strong communication. 

Who our customer is

This business is a natural cleaning product subscription company that provides consumers with cleaning products that are good for them, their families, and the environment. They work with Bluecrew Crew Members to help their warehouse and fulfillment staff complete and ship orders in a timely manner.

What they need

With seasonal fluctuations, this cleaning products company needs the flexibility to rapidly scale their staff up and down. They do not want to waste resources on unnecessary staff during slow periods, but need the ability to ramp up rapidly when they are hit with increased demand. Because they offer a “ship now” feature to their own customers, they have to be able to get out orders quickly, even when experiencing larger order volume than expected.

In addition, the company saw a rapid increase in consumer demand due to COVID-19. This created a need to onboard additional qualified staff, as soon as possible.

This means that they have a couple of specific goals that our Bluecrew team has hustled to meet. There were a few specific factors that have been critical for this cleaning product subscription company:

  1. Short time-to-fill. Being able to put in requests for additional Crew Members and have full faith that they will be filled quickly is critical when a large number of orders can hit at any time. 
  2. Complete flexibility. The ability to scale up and back as needed, add more Crew Members on the fly and ensure they have the exact number of people necessary to execute their orders, is important to keep a lean and efficient team.
  3. Control over multiple locations. Large enterprises with multiple locations need visibility into each location from a central account. In addition, growing a business becomes much simpler when a staffing provider can help in a number of different cities. We’ve partnered with this company to expand together. 

How Bluecrew has delivered results

With a focus on speed, flexibility, and expansion, our Bluecrew team has fulfilled all of this customer’s pressing needs. 

After the contract was signed, Bluecrew was up-and-running with the customer within 24 hours, with 5 Crew Members on site. 

During peak season, they utilize more than 400 Crew Members to power their warehouses, scaling up and down as needed to meet demand.

The company has grown rapidly with Bluecrew’s help, and they have scaled to have 4 locations nationwide using Crew Members for support.

And recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the customer has seen an additional increase in demand for cleaning products. They reached out to Bluecrew to help them meet the greatly increased demands they were facing, and our local teams have stepped up to the challenge.

Due to this huge increase in orders for their cleaning products, our customer requested a 60% increase in their Bluecrew workforce. 

In total, this resulted in a request for 24 additional full-time Crew Members on-site. This was a great opportunity for workers who were searching for full-time positions. 

The customer’s request for additional Crew Members was filled in less than 3 days - during a global pandemic!

[Bluecrew] did amazing work getting us staffed up last week - and this week - so we are sitting pretty.” - Caitlyn, Operations Partner 

We’re grateful to work with great companies like this one across the nation. If you’re focused on any of the same factors - time-to-fill, scalability, flexibility - our Bluecrew team would love to help you maintain your competitive edge. 

Get in touch with our team to learn more about how Bluecrew can help your business. 

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