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Bluecrew Top Employers of 2017

February 27, 2019
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Cooper Newby

We wanted to congratulate and thank all of the top companies on the Bluecrew Platform this year!

We wanted to congratulate and thank all of the top companies on the Bluecrew Platform this year!

Every time employees work a shift, they have the opportunity to leave feedback on how things went- everything ranging from their coworkers to their supervisor to the general working environment. The winning companies were consistently rated as one of the top places to work.  

A big part of success with Bluecrew is providing an excellent work environment - it is great to work with people that take the welfare and happiness of employees seriously!

The top 3 Reasons for Employee happiness years stemmed from:

  • Treating Temporary employee's with the same respect as full-time employees. Inclusiveness goes a long way in a workplace managers should take note!
  • Free Food on Occasion! Nothing brings the team together better than a Fri-yay pizza lunch
  • Respectful manager's willing to coach over a punishing approach. Things go wrong and people mess up, we find its always best to attempt to coach an employee before hitting 'Don't Send Back'

The top winning companies received framed awards and badges to stick up or host on their career sites! Below are some of the top companies that earned top awards this year:

Yerdle provides turn-key resale programs for brands so they can sell used gear and clothes See Yerdle In Action

Grove provides a variety of natural products that makes it painless to re-order with their easy subscriptions

Levis Stadium is the newest Bay Area Stadium. On Sundays you can catch the BlueCrew working concessions for The 49ers
AT&T Park is the home of the Giants, Bluecrew helps staff cashiers and concessions chefs for all the events.

Wishing you the best for a happy and prosperous 2018!

-Bluecrew Team

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