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Thinking of the Future: How To Build a Long-Term Career with Bluecrew

June 23, 2020
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Michael Vaynerman
Crew Members

There’s a common misconception that accepting work with a temporary staffing firm can’t lead to a long-term career. But it’s just that: a misconception. There are actually a lot of different ways that you can build your career with Bluecrew.

How you choose to do that depends on what you want. You may be most interested in:

  1. Finding your passion by experimenting with different types of jobs.
  2. Building up your resume with different skills and experiences.
  3. Finding an employer you love working for.
  4. Making your hard work pay off in a long-term, flexible career.

If any of these options sound good to you, we’d love to have you on our crew and help you reach those goals. Bluecrew is designed to put you in the driver’s seat - you pick the jobs you want to work, the wages you’re willing to work for, the companies you’re most interested in - all so that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. 

So what would these career paths look like? Keep reading to find out.

Finding your passion

It’s not easy to decide exactly what you want to do. When you don’t have work experience, how do you know what kind of jobs to look for? When you want to change careers, what do you switch to? It’s difficult to decide when you can’t try a job on for size. 

With Bluecrew, you can do exactly that: try on different jobs. Maybe you want to dip your toe in hospitality: you’ve always liked the hustle and bustle of the kitchen and want to give food service a go. Maybe you prefer getting to work on your own, and want to try out a warehouse environment where you can set your own pace and push towards individual goals. Maybe you love to drive and interact with customers, so you want to see what a driving role would be like. With Bluecrew, you can try a lot of different temp jobs - find what you like - and then build your career in that industry. 

Building your resume

Ever noticed how many “entry-level” jobs require experience? It’s a weird trend. A lot of employers want to know that you have professional experience and skills, regardless of the role they’re hiring for. And Bluecrew is a great place to build the skills you need long-term. 

Especially if you’re starting your resume from scratch, it’s important to build different skills and even certifications - and to show off your accomplishments.

This is much easier to do when you know what your goal is. For example, let’s say you love warehousing environments, so you’d like to work your way up in a warehouse. The place to start is as a Picker/Packer or a Warehouse Associate. This is where you get a feel for how warehouses are laid out, what processes look like, and what leadership teams look for in successful people. 

Quick spoiler: the vast majority of employers are really just looking for people who are reliable, follow instructions well, and have a great attitude. If you have all three, you’re good to go!

Once you have some warehouse experience, it may be time for a certification! Consider learning to use more technical equipment like a ride-on electric pallet jack or a forklift (we know some great companies, like Forklift Academy, that help individuals get forklift certified). There are also other opportunities to move up. Many of our clients will hire on Crew Members full time to their teams, or even offer up management positions for workers who stand out from the crowd. Take advantage of opportunities to build your skills and learn new things, and employers will take notice when you put those accomplishments and abilities on your resume. Plus, the more experience and skills you have, the more jobs you’ll see on the Bluecrew app!

Finding an employer you love

When you’re working with Bluecrew, you aren’t limited to trying out different types of jobs - you also have access to many different employers (and we’re always bringing on new ones!). Every company has a different culture, different processes, and a different environment. But there’s something for everyone. Sometimes, it just takes a few tries to find a place you really want to stay. 

The same way you would try out different positions while you’re looking for your passion or building your resume, you can try out multiple employers to find the right fit. When you do find a place you like (and want to stay for the long haul), you’ll know. And a few different things can happen.

First, you may stay on with that employer long-term through Bluecrew. We have a lot of companies that prefer to have Crew Members stay Bluecrew employees, but want to keep them on for years at a time. In contrast, some companies prefer to transition Crew Members they love into permanent employees - so they might offer you a permanent position! Either way, you can find long-term employment with a company you love. 

Seeing your progress pay off

Every manager gets excited about a great employee. When you show up for success, people notice, and they want to work with you over and over again. Those employers will favorite you on the platform (this means both that they appreciated your work and that they want you to be among the first to see their jobs in the future!) or even send you direct invitations for jobs they think you’d be great at. 

Building these types of relationships with employers can be a huge boost. They want to work with you because they appreciate the hard work you put in when you’re on-the-job. This can open up more opportunities long-term, when those companies look for people to work overtime or permanent employees, and even potential for jobs with more responsibilities. It also means that your queue of Bluecrew jobs never runs dry, and you can keep building your schedule around your life with Bluecrew.

If you’re looking for work, we’d love to help out. Learn more about what it’s like to work with Bluecrew, or get started today. 

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