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Case Study: GT Ventures Achieves More with Bluecrew

July 9, 2021
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Michael Vaynerman

While 2020 was an unusual year for most businesses, the biggest challenge facing Henderson, NV, e-commerce furniture manufacturer GT Ventures was what many would call a “good problem to have”.

As many consumers focused on improving their living spaces during the global pandemic, orders rolled in at GT Ventures for their signature bean bag furniture — to the tune of 400% more than in a typical year! But with that kind of fast growth came the challenge of staying staffed up in production and janitorial positions on an as-needed basis.

When their St. Louis plant needed employees quickly, GT Ventures turned to Bluecrew. This is exactly the type of problem we are here to solve for our partners!

"One of the huge reasons I stick with Bluecrew is the cost — it’s significantly cheaper than a brick-and-mortar staffing agency.” - Spencer Applebury, GT Ventures’ HR Manager

Click here to learn more about how Bluecrew helped GT Ventures meet the unique challenges of 2020 (and beyond) to:

  • Hire the needed employees overnight
  • Stay staffed up for variable demand with reliable W-2 workers
  • Save an estimated $75,000 on recruitment and employment costs

Curious about what Bluecrew can do for you? Read the full GT Ventures story and learn more at

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