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Case Study: Resale Warehouse TROVE Credits Bluecrew for 2020 Success

August 2, 2021
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Michael Vaynerman

Ah, 2020. Among other things, last year was an era of DIY haircuts, home remodels, and closet clean-outs. While we were all sitting at home due to a relentless global pandemic, we needed something to keep us busy.

The closet cleaning that kept us going also helped resale warehouse TROVE see increased stock like never before. With everyone suddenly tossing unwanted items while also looking for more sustainable buying options, demand soared for TROVE’s “re-commerce” technology for pre-owned items. 

At their main warehouse near San Francisco, TROVE depends on hourly workers to sort shipments and identify top quality, brand-name clothing fit for resale. When their inventory increased significantly—and rather unexpectedly—last year, they needed to quickly hire temporary help. They turned to Bluecrew to support this massive growth spurt.

“TROVE can rely on Bluecrew to make sure that workers who have experience in a warehouse environment generally understand what we do and what the role is ... that’s led to a big change in the last year and a half in our retention of new workers … Doubling our business was dependent on having those individuals in our facility, working those items and getting those items made ready for sale,” - Jacob Schultz, VP of People at TROVE.

Read more about TROVE’s successful partnership with Bluecrew here, which enabled them to:

  • Save over $180,000 on staffing up
  • Double their annual revenue in 2020
  • Meet dramatically increased demand without worrying about hiring

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