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Employee Orientation & Training

February 27, 2019
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Cooper Newby

At the end of 2016, we took feedback from 40 of our clients to make improvements to Bluecrew and ensure our employees are the most prepared workers in the industry!

Revamped Safety, Training, & Skills Assessment

With a completely redesigned screening and training process, you can rest assured knowing every new Bluecrew team member has all the tools and is ready to jump into work.


We have found the most successful workers possess the following characteristics:

  1. A great attitude, able to keep their cool in stressful situations
  2. A willingness to learn new skills and push themselves to try new things.
  3. A reliable and strong work ethic

We center our screening process around assessing these traits.. We ask behavioral and situational questions and score candidate based on their answers and attitude. To judge reliability, we accumulate a candidate  reliability score before a candidate  even attends an orientation. Candidates book interviews through our app similar to accepting jobs, so we get early insight into their reliability right off the bat. If a candidate  schedules and misses a few Interviews, they will not be moved forward in our process as reliability is so key to success on our platform.

In Person Interview

We use the first half of this session as an in person interview to access a candidate’s input skills and previous work experience. If a candidate passes the phone screen but shows up unprepared or unpresentable to the orientation, they will not be hired. After the initial skills vetting, we dive into BlueCrew training and cover the following:

  • Bluecrew Conduct - How to deal with conflict on a job site and job site etiquette.
  • Safety - We go over how to contact us in case of injury or emergency. We also go over everything from proper lifting techniques to what to do in a natural disaster.
  • App Training - We realize not everyone is used to using an app so we walk everyone through app training like how to clock in / out, how to find info about the jobs, and how to manage their schedule.
  • Promotions and Benefits - We review opportunities for advancement within the platform, incentives, and our employee benefit options
  • Bluecrew Qs - We go over Bluecrew specific questions on our three toughest rules, payroll, Bluecrew points and promotions, and how to contact us.

Three Toughest Rules

One of the main points we drive home in the orientations is our Zero Tolerance policies that are the quickest way to lose access to the Bluecrew platform. These offenses hurt companies and ruin opportunities for other team members who want to work.

  1. NCNS (No Call No Show) - automatic termination
  2. Wage theft (clocking in/out off site, clocking in and leaving) - automatic termination
  3. Cancellations - loss of 5-20 points and can result in 7 day suspension or termination

First Day On the Job

The first day of work at a new job is stressful and exciting for everyone. Finding directions, parking, meeting the supervisor, and clocking in all collide on the first day shuffle. On top of ensuring all Bluecrew workers have transportation and arrival instructions to the job the night before, we really wanted to leverage the Bluecrew community to share useful information and tips about job sites. After shift employees are now able to review companies and leave tips about parking, the work, or the coworkers to make sure everyone knows what to expect at each company. (All review require our approval before they are displayed).

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