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How Employers Can Overcome the Hiring Crisis

January 20, 2022
min read
Michael Vaynerman

By now, many of us surely have seen the impacts of the hiring crisis.

Businesses, large and small, across all sectors, are struggling to find enough workers to meet demands. Retailers have had to alter business hours. Restaurants are apologizing for long wait times. Delivery times for goods are much longer than usual. Much of this is due to a shortage in workers.

The fact is, hiring for workers has never been harder. Employers can’t fill job vacancies fast enough. And while there are a number of reasons for why hiring is so difficult, Bluecrew set out to understand the mindset of hourly workers. Is there something workplaces could do to better recruit and retain talent?

Our latest guide, “Overcoming the Hiring Crisis: What Hourly Workers Want Most from Employers Right Now” deep dives into the insights gathered from surveying over 1,200 hourly workers on work preferences in the post-pandemic era. Key areas covered in the guide include:

  • What makes jobs desirable? Types of jobs workers want, the candidate experience and pay expectations.
  • Worker retention. How can employers keep good talent from churning?
  • What comes next? What workers expect from work moving forward. 

Download our guide now to access key considerations when it comes to hiring (and retaining) hourly workers.

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