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Introducing On-Demand Pay: Get Your Earnings Faster!

September 14, 2021
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Victor Beaufrere
Crew Members

Even with the most careful budgeting and saving, life doesn’t always go perfectly to plan. When an emergency comes up—or when you just need cash in the bank—you can’t afford to wait to get paid on someone else’s timetable. Sometimes the end of the weekly pay period isn’t soon enough.

We want our Crew Members to be able to take care of themselves and their families when and how they need to. And we don’t want you sacrificing the quality of your jobs, risking overdraft or late fees… or even being forced to use a costly payday loan when you need cash quickly. That’s why we’re rolling out a new benefit to our Crew Members that will help you get immediate access to your money when you need it.

Introducing…On-Demand Pay!

You work hard to support yourself and your family, and you deserve greater flexibility to manage your money and reduce your financial stress. Using the new On-Demand Pay feature in the Paylocity Self Service Portal, you’ll be able to withdraw a portion of your paycheck every day, usually within 30 minutes of your employer approving your timesheet.

Of course, not all employers approve hours every day. But when you see that your hours have been marked green in your Earnings history, you can cash out up to 75% of your net pay for a small $1.25 fee. What you don’t withdraw using On-Demand Pay will be transferred to you as your regular weekly direct deposit.

Your Money When You Need It

Any requests made before 2:00PM CT will be initiated for transfer to your bank the same day. Requests made after this time will be transferred the next business day (Mon-Fri excluding Holidays). Depending on your bank, it may take an additional 24 hours for the balance to become available in your bank account.

You’re automatically eligible for On-Demand Pay if you have an active account in good standing with Bluecrew. But the decision to take advantage of On-Demand Pay is yours. You’ll never be forced to use it. On-Demand Pay is completely optional and will always be there for you if you need it. When you need your money right away, and your hours have been approved, you no longer need to wait for payday to get paid.

To learn more about how to use On-Demand Pay to make your life easier, head to the Earnings tab in the Bluecrew App and review the FAQ for more information!

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