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Meet the Double Your Pay Sweepstakes Winners and Enter to Win $10K

August 17, 2021
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Michael Vaynerman
Crew Members

Don’t forget! Essential Rewards 2.0 is taking place right now. The program has been up and running since July 19 and will continue through September 30, 2021. In this new version, we’ve made it even easier to win while you earn. You’ll receive one entry into a $10,000 sweepstakes for every complete shift worked and a new worker bonus of $100 per shift for your first 15 shifts with Bluecrew.

And if you’ve been considering referring a friend to Bluecrew, now is the time! Not only will you receive ten entries into the $10,000 sweepstakes if your referral works at least one shift, we’ve also increased the referral bonus from $20 to $100!

Catching up with Double Your Pay winners

Since the Bluecrew Essential Rewards program has been in place for a few months now, you may have been wondering about the Double Your Pay sweepstakes winners. The second round of the Essential Rewards program ran from June 7 through July 4, and the ten winners who doubled their pay were announced July 13.

We recently caught up with two of our Double Your Pay winners, Marissa M. and Raven B, to hear firsthand from them how they felt when they realized they’d won, their plans for the winnings and what they like most about working with Bluecrew.

Marissa M.

Marissa, who has been a Bluecrew member in St. Louis since November 2020, didn’t believe she’d won when she received the announcement email. But when she saw the extra money in her paycheck and realized she actually was a sweepstakes winner, she sent the money straight to her savings account.

 “You know, I didn't do anything but save it though. I didn't spend it or anything like that,” Marissa said in a video interview about her win. “I just saved it. As soon as I got it, I put it in my savings account to go with the rest of the money I've already been saving.”

For others out there who are looking for work, Marissa had some encouraging words to share, “. . . if you have a smartphone and you get the internet, download the Bluecrew app. You can start working the same day, or you can find a job the same day that you fill out all the information. . . . I found the job the same day I finished.” She continued on saying, “So I always tell people that if you've got a smartphone, you can do it.”

Marissa finished her interview with some excitement about her sweepstakes win. “I'm glad I did win,” she said. “Because who doesn't love winning money? You work... It's like I worked for it, but it was a bonus, too.”

Marissa M. in St. Louis, MO!

Raven B.

Just like Marissa, our second interviewee Raven, couldn’t quite believe she was a Double Your Pay sweepstakes winner at first. “I was suspicious,” she said, “so I got excited after. It’s been a long time since I’ve won anything!”

When asked about her plans for her bonus cash, she said that in light of the ongoing pandemic, she would probably save her winnings just like Marissa.

Raven joined Bluecrew in Los Angeles four years ago as a side hustle. But this year, she started working with us as her main job, and she loves it. In a recent phone interview, Raven said she’s been especially excited to take on jobs that last a few months—or even to potentially find a permanent position. “I love the team. I love how if anything goes wrong on the jobs, I’m able to reach out to the support team.”

Raven said she also enjoys learning all the new skills that are available to her as on-the-job training opportunities. Just in the past year, she’s gained experience in fields like production and food service. She recommends joining Bluecrew to anyone who is looking for a new job.

“This is a great place to start with. You get hands-on training at any of the jobs that the company offers. I would advise people to take on these assignments so you'll be getting experience on certain jobs. That way when you apply for the job, you're good to go.”

We’re incredibly grateful for the hard work each and every one of our crew members contributes every day to make Bluecrew a success. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Double Your Pay sweepstakes, and congratulations again to all our winners!

Essential Rewards 2.0 is now!

Don’t miss out on Essential Rewards 2.0. You have until August 31, 2021 to earn those sweepstake entries and a chance to win $10,000!

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