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Introducing Bluecrew’s New Mobile App for Employers: Bluecrew Manager

March 5, 2020
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Michael Vaynerman

For years, Bluecrew has been bringing jobs directly to hourly workers’ phones. Now, we’re delivering the same technology to employers, putting workforce management in the palm of your hand.

The new app gives employers the mobility you need to see, manage, and scale your workforce from anywhere. We realize that you live your life on-the-go, and the Bluecrew Manager app will be there with you, every step of the way.

Get a tour of the Bluecrew Manager in the video below, or read on for a summary of everything the new app can do.

1. Check Your Roster From Anywhere

Supervising on the warehouse floor? You no longer have to download your roster ahead of time. With the new app, you can easily see who is, was, and will be on-site with just a few clicks. You can even see which active employees have clocked-in or -out in real-time.

2. Clock-In Workers On-The-Fly

Whenever your Crew Members start working, they clock-in on the app and begin their shift. But what if someone forgets? With the new manager app, you can easily see who has and has not clocked-in, giving you a clear picture of who should be on-the-job.

3. Request Additional Staff Any Time

Sometimes, you just need a few more workers to get the job done. Now, you can take out your phone and request more staff for future shifts on any of your existing job posts. Scaling up your workforce has never been simpler.

4. Provide Feedback in the App

Impressed with your team, and ready to show them some love? Take out the Bluecrew Manager app and hit “Favorite.” Next time you post a job, they’ll see it first. If someone on your job isn’t the right fit, mark them as “Don’t Send Back” and we’ll remove them from future work.

With workforce management tools right in the app, the full power of Bluecrew’s leading staffing platform, and local teams of experts who have your back, we’re working hard to give employers like you everything you need to reach your goals.

Want a tour of the full Bluecrew staffing platform? Click here to get in touch with your local Account Executive.

Already a client, and ready to download? Search for Bluecrew Manager in your app store of choice.

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