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[NEW] Post Multiple Single Shifts Faster

November 30, 2022
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Victor Beaufrere

Bluecrew is excited to launch a new feature: Bulk Single Shift Posting!

You can now post all single shift dates for a Position quickly and easily by multi-selecting dates on the calendar. Each shift will have the same number of Crew Members, start/end time, supervisor, notifications, and extra pay. In addition, all your shifts will show up under the same grouping header on the Dashboard, making it easy to identify the fill rate for each request.

The previous experience

Previously, if you wanted to post multiple single-day shifts for a job, you would have to post them one at a time. In addition, each shift posted would show up on the Dashboard as its own line.

The old way: each individual shift showed up on the Dashboard as its own line

The new experience

Now, multiple shifts that are created under one Request are grouped under that Request ID. This helps keep similar individual shifts together and simplifies your Dashboard view. We’re working on updates to allow you to have different times, supervisors, and wages for each shift for 2023.

The new way: individual shifts are grouped under the Request ID

Multi-select calendar

Our previous calendar interface allowed you to select 1 date or a continuous range for longer assignments. Now you can select multiple individual days to suit your scheduling needs. Just click on each date to add as many individual shifts as you want. (Please note: Each shift will have the same number of Crew Members, start/end time, supervisor, notifications, and extra pay.)

The evolution of flexible staffing at Bluecrew

As the demands of the new workforce change, we’re constantly listening to our Workplaces and Crew Members to build a better platform. We’d love to hear what you think of these improvements or any other ideas you’d like to share to make your job (and your life) easier.

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