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TechCrunch: Bluecrew Mobile App Helps Businesses Manage a Flexible Workforce

March 6, 2020
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Celestine Grev

Bluecrew lives at the intersection of technology and staffing. Staffing is inherently a human business - it’s about finding people who have the right skills and experience to help companies meet their goals. At the same time, traditional staffing is entirely composed of manual, cumbersome, time-consuming processes that beg to be streamlined with technology.

Instead of dialing everyone in our Rolodex, Bluecrew uses our proprietary matching algorithm to instantly send newly posted jobs to the best fit workers. Instead of forcing hiring managers to sit and wait to learn if a job is filled, our platform lets employers watch in real-time as workers accept your jobs. And instead of asking “who’s showing up Monday? Is anyone?” Bluecrew gives managers full access to your rosters, complete with worker profiles, so you know exactly who will be working your job.

Now, we’re putting that technology in the palm of your hand with the Bluecrew Manager App. We are thrilled that TechCrunch has chosen to highlight this new technology and our goal of creating a better world of work. Click on the image below to read the full article:

Bluecrew launches a mobile app to help businesses manage a flexible workforce

Want to check it out? Click here to schedule a demo of our full-service staffing technology.

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