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Top Employers Have These 5 Attributes in Common

February 27, 2019
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Cooper Newby

When it comes to figuring out what employees love, we all know pay is important. That said, it’s only one part of the equation.

To learn more, we dug deep into the data. The findings were fascinating. If you’re hoping to become an all-star employer on Bluecrew and get access to the best crew members, these are a few of the key attributes that encourage workers to leave 5-star reviews:

  1. The people are friendly. No one wants to work with people who don’t want to be there. If you can have staff and workers who are warm, friendly and welcoming, you’re well on your way. In fact, friendliness was one of the most-often cited reasons for a great review.
  2. The environment is a good fit for the person you have hired.As a result, they enjoy their work and tend to enjoy working with others who are also a good fit. Spend some time honing your employee-employer job fit skills.
  3. Hire people who love the work they do. Hard work and diligence are important but passion pays off too apparently. When you hire people who love what they do, you create an upbeat culture that is hard not to rave about.
  4. Hire an all-star team. When workers have great colleagues they tend to enjoy their work more. There’s a sense that everyone is in on it together. If people have worked well together before, consider bringing them back together to do it again!
  5. Keep people busy. Perhaps, surprisingly, workers want to have plenty of things to do. This makes time go faster and it makes people feel like they’re accomplishing something. It also keeps boredom at bay.

In summary, hiring friendly happy people who want to work hard and who love what they do is the ticket to a happy team.

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