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[eBook] What Workplaces Need (But Aren't Getting) From Hourly Staffing Providers

June 15, 2022
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Michael Vaynerman

Workplaces are evolving and HR and Operations leaders need the right solutions to maintain peak performance — and the way they access workers is no exception.

To find these solutions, it’s important to understand what organizations need but aren’t currently getting from traditional staffing providers. That's why Bluecrew has published our latest eBook, What Workplaces Need and Aren’t Getting From Hourly Staffing Providers.

Throughout this digital guide, you’ll learn:

  • The key pain points of traditional hourly staffing that need to be addressed
  • The impact of evolving technology on new approaches to staffing and the rise of workforce-as-a-service (WaaS) solutions
  • How implementing enhanced solutions can transform and optimize your workplace operations

Here's a short preview:

Pain point #1: Workforce Insight and Transparency

With traditional hourly staffing, HR and Operations leaders have minimal insight, as a result of low visibility and transparency, into the employment process. This includes uncertainty surrounding:

  • Who’s being sent
  • Their skills and experience
  • What their expectations are

98% of employers and 97% of employees agree that the cultural fit between workers and their organizations is highly important. However, with a lack of insight into how traditional agencies source, interview, review and select talent, it’s difficult for workplaces to understand the quality of workers sent and whether they’re a suitable match for the organization — which can perpetuate high rates of turnover and directly impact a business’s ability to meet the demand of their customers. 

Download the eBook today to read on and learn more!

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