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Behind The App: How Bluecrew Matches You With Jobs

March 22, 2021
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Michael Vaynerman
Crew Members

What factors are most important for you when you’re looking for a new job? Some people are most focused on location - they only want jobs within a certain commute. Others are really looking for the right company where they’ll have opportunities for a permanent position. Many think most about the schedule because they want work that fits around their life, or wage because they’re searching for a higher-paying position.

Everybody has different priorities and different skills. So there’s no reason you should have to wade through the same pool of positions as everyone else, searching for the right job for you.

At Bluecrew, we’re working to provide all of our W-2 Crew Members with the jobs that are most likely to be the right fit. At the same time, we want to ensure our Crew Members have options and can pick the jobs or companies that are most exciting to you. 

So how do we do it? Keep reading for a peek behind the scenes at how we’re making matches between great local jobs and the Crew Members who use Bluecrew to find work.

First: Tell Us About Yourself

When you’re in the process of onboarding as a Bluecrew Crew Member, there are a variety of things to do. You’ll create an account, learn about our policies, take a quick assessment, and fill out onboarding paperwork to become a full W-2 employee of Bluecrew. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to tell us a bit about yourself, like your previous work experience and skills.

We use your profile information, along with your location and other qualifications - like a clean driving record or forklift certification - to better understand what kind of work will best fit your skills and your work background.

Second: Our Tech Does Its Job

Next, our proprietary matching algorithm gets to work. The same way you and other Crew Members have created profiles on the Bluecrew app, so have companies near you who are looking for hourly workers. 

As they post jobs, they put in not just job descriptions but also the specific skills and abilities that will help workers find success in their roles. Our matching algorithm takes all of this information - both from Crew Members looking for positions and companies searching for help - to match up workers with the jobs where they’re most likely to be successful and where they’re most likely to want to work.

These are the jobs you’ll see on the Find Work page of your app: positions near you where your skills would be a great fit. You can browse what’s close by and choose the shifts you like best, the companies that you’re most excited about, or the jobs that align with where you see your career going. For most jobs, you can instantly accept the position - no additional interview or application required. If there’s a job you’re particularly interested in that’s already full, you’re also able to join the waitlist and potentially accept the job if another Crew Member has to cancel or the workplace needs additional help.

Third: We Learn and Improve

Over time, we all learn more about each other. You may develop a relationship with one or a few companies that you really like to work with on Bluecrew. They can send you direct invites to jobs, or invite you as part of a larger crew to work on their positions. This way, you still have the flexibility to work the jobs you like best but also have go-to employers you know you like. If there’s one company or job you love, and you want to stick with it, you may seek out a temp-to-hire position there and sign-on full time.

For people who want to keep picking up new jobs, our algorithm will steadily learn more about what kind of positions you want and like. At the end of each job, you’ll have the opportunity to rate your employer and leave them feedback. They’ll do the same for you. We use these ratings, your skills and experience, and your app data to keep getting better at matching you with the right roles.

Whether you’re looking for a long-term career or simply to try out some new roles, Bluecrew has options that work for you.

Sign up today to start accepting jobs!

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