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The Value of Staffing Solutions You Can Rely On

March 9, 2023
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Dylan Sharek

Staffing solutions are essentially the range of services provided by a staffing agency or workforce-as-a-service alternative to help companies find and hire qualified candidates for their open positions. These staffing approaches come in a variety of forms to meet the unique needs of clients — from temporary staffing to permanent placement.

Manufacturing and Logistics Industries Need Staffing Solutions More Than Ever

While different strategies to solve workforce challenges have been around for decades, recent years have seen companies rely on staffing industry services more than ever. Technology Partners reports that 90% of companies use labor solutions or have used them before. Why is this the case?

Companies across the manufacturing and logistics industries face continuous challenges that drive the need for access to the right talent — fast. Here’s a closer look at these industry difficulties:

  • Organizations are seeing a shortage of skilled workers, making it difficult to keep pace with demand and ensure quality output. Workforce solutions are a valuable resource to reach more individuals with the right expertise and fill skills gaps. 
  • Professionals in the manufacturing, freight, and logistics industries are struggling to meet increasing consumer expectations. This is more than a result of supply chain disruptions or uncompetitive pricing. It’s often a direct outcome of not having enough of the right employees, which leads to longer lead times, more errors, missed deadlines, and poor customer experiences overall.
  • In continued times of variable demand, predicting and fulfilling sales forecasts is difficult for businesses — making it challenging to anticipate labor needs along the way. Flexible workforce solutions help organizations meet fluctuating demand with success.
  • Companies are always looking to grow their business, but employers in the logistics and manufacturing industries face scaling problems today: Persistent talent shortages make it difficult to add valuable members to the team and grow efficiently. Robust staffing solutions can help ease this burden and simplify the scaling process.

The Advantages of Powerful Staffing Solutions

When faced with talent shortages, scaling problems, or fluctuating needs, human resources and operations can turn to comprehensive workforce solutions to help. What’s more, they experience valuable benefits as a result:

  • Decreased time-to-hire: Staffing solutions offer both expertise and access to a vast network of talent to effectively speed up the hiring process and find the right person for an open role.
  • Lower costs: Effective staffing solutions help employers find talent for about 80% of what their typical methods cost — or about $7,000/hire. Employers reduce recruitment and sourcing costs, along with employment fees like pre-employment testing, background investigations, payroll processing, etc. 
  • Reduced employer liability: All employees come with a set of liabilities for businesses, but a recruiting firm or workforce-as-a-service solution has the resources and expertise to reduce compliance risk. 
  • Reduced administrative effort: A hiring manager understands the work and effort required to find high-quality job seekers that would be a good fit for the team. Recruitment process outsourcing can streamline these efforts, so organizations can focus on maintaining performance and keeping productivity high. 

Anticipated Staffing Trends in 2023 — Finding Support in Talent Solutions

While companies navigate unique staffing challenges in the middle of unpredictability and skilled labor shortages, it will be critical to recognize the trends that are expected for the coming year — to improve the recruitment and retention of valuable talent. Consider the following forecasts:

  • The candidate shortage is expected to persist.
  • Hybrid and remote employment opportunities are here to stay.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts will gain momentum and prominence.
  • Wages are increasing but inflation continues to outpace gains.
  • Flexibility and work-life balance will remain priorities for both employees and job seekers.
  • Relationship-building will be key to staying competitive.
  • Emerging technologies will be increasingly used to supplement the hiring process.

With the majority of organizations using some form of staffing solution today, not using one can put companies at a competitive disadvantage, unable to meet the fluctuating demands of its customers. 

Enter Bluecrew. Gain access to pre-screened W-2 workers and robust management tools to streamline your systems for recruiting, employee scheduling, time tracking, forecasting, compliance, and more. For more information on how our platform can help your teams tackle even the most complex staffing challenges, contact us today.

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